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  • Starting and running a business is tricky.
  • While regulations governing business formation are necessary, their implementation can sometimes turn into a costly and challenging process.
  • Entrepreneurs/ business owners must deal with many different government bodies at the central, state, and municipal levels, simultaneously with other agencies like CA firm, Law Firm, HR Consultancy Services, Bank, Certification authorities, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs/ business owners are also required to deal with many internal issues like lack of proper policies and process, appropriate tools, lack of integration among all the available systems, employees’ conflicts, data privacy and protection mechanism, risk management mechanism, and many more.
  • As a result of these complications, many organizations abandoned their business projects or slowly and gradually led to failure.
  • Many ended up carrying out their business activity in the informal sector, at least for a while, “to see how things turn out.”
  • But informality not only creates insecurity for businesses and their employees, but it also means that the organization cannot have access to government support.

To support entrepreneurs and business owners, we have designed this platform where you can discuss and find out the solutions for all your worries and queries.


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to be of Practical Assistance to Startups, Ventures, and Businesses in India at a reduced time, administrative and operational costs.

Client Testimonials

We have had the best experience with Businezexcellence Team when we approached them due to some confusion in registering our partnership. We found the team extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Team explained each and every process to us in the simplest way possible and patiently answered all our queries. The most comforting aspect was the prompt response whenever we tried to reach out. Truly appreciate all help. We strongly recommend them for all legal and financial aspects of a start-up because team brings in so much clarity by sorting out one of the major pain points of entrepreneurs from totally different backgrounds.

Elizabeth Jean Thomas /Founder
Phonologix LLP

As an entrepreneur in the idea stage, I was quite confused with the legal compliances related to business. I was facing issues regarding contracts/agreement, and then I contacted businezexcellence.com. The team helped me out to solve my problems and provided me with a lot of relevant information which an entrepreneur must-have. Thank you, Team businezexcellence.com

B J Yeasmin /Founder
Fighter Buzz

I recently applied for Trademark of my brand name and used Businezexcellence's services for the same. I must say that I found the team to be extremely proactive and helpful. The application process was completed swiftly and without a glitch. The team takes care to ensure that the client understands the process completely and is extremely transparent in dealings.

Renuka Tandon /Founder
Thrills N Trails

Businezexcellence Team has patience, spend quality time with customers, understand and fulfil their needs for all kinds of registrations. I met Shilpi, Founder of businezexcellence.com, in my WSP-3.0 MOOC. I am a customer of her, and I am satisfied by her service. Hope she excels in future and tries her best to deliver services.

Aruna Gali /Managing Partner
School Radio

Shilpi is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and she is always willing to go the extra mile when needed. She is very proficient in legal advisory work and has been with my startup “Carret” since day 0. She always helps with on-the-fly legal advisory and gives personal attention to the clients. She also helped us recruit for accounting in our startup. The best part about working with Shilpi is her immense knowledge in this field and her in-person approach. I highly recommend Shilpi and her firm for any legal work.

Neha Kumari /Founder

Legal experience for first-time entrepreneurs is very tricky. Specially when as an individual you are trying to process too many information with out having a clarity of what to do. Shilpi is very professional in her approach, listens to all your queries and helps you with authenticity. Loved the consult- wish you all the best for future endeavours

Sayari De /Founder
Allaboutarchisynergy LLP

I am running an NGO and enquired about various registrations and documentation required in our WSP, IIM Program Group. Shilpi responded to my messages and was the one who approached to help me. I'm so grateful to Shilpi. Finding her is one of the best things that happened to me as I run an NGO with little knowledge about finance, legal and compliances. Shilpi cleared all my doubts on the first call, and I decided she would be my business advisor. She is a lovely, kind and friendly person to talk with. She is one of the best Company secretaries and Corporate Lawyers, and I recommend her, especially for women entrepreneurs.

Shweta Hosmani /Founder